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UGotflow, LLC is building a social website network and information center for unsigned artists in the music industry. The website will offer the artist an ability to download their personal music and/or videos to be viewed by listeners who will have the capability to communicate to the artist through a forum. ...
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In the News
eDonkey, Record Industry Reach a Deal
Sep 13 2006
One of the last of the popular peer-to-peer music sharing sites has been defeated, with eDonkey's agreement to settle its copyright infringement case with the record industry.
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MTV Goes Broadband
Aug 29 2006
As young people increasingly tune out television and tune into online video and chat, MTV Networks is hoping to win their attention with a new broadband service that appears to be part MTV, part YouTube, and part MySpace.

The service, built around a Web site called Flux, will be launched in Japan later this year and is likely to follow in other countries, said William Roedy, vice chairman of MTV Networks and president of MTV Networks International, at a news conference in Tokyo.
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Universal to Offer Free Music Downloads
Aug 29 2006
SpiralFrog, a new music download service, on Tuesday said it would make Vivendi's Universal Music Group's catalog available for free legal downloading.
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Apr 30 2006
Please visit again. We are currently beta testing Phase 1 of this project. Please register to create an account, and post a message in our forum to introduce yourself or be reminded when this site goes live.

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